Swed Airlines specializes in buying and selling airline points and miles, ongoing managing of airline accounts, and maximizing airline points and miles accumulation all through personal counseling and guidance.


Swed Airlines' goal is to provide its customers with a quiet, clean mindset while converting their airline points and miles to their maximum financial value.

At Swed Airlines, we believe that everything lies in service and personal relationships, which ultimately create a long-lasting, stable bond that produces results and prosperity.


Our company’s dedicated team has extensive experience in serving, maximizing financial value, and most importantly carrying personal relations. We will make sure that whatever you need will be immediately handled on the best side and at any time. 


Our company believes that availability is a significant factor in service; therefore, we will be available for you 24/7!

Swed Airlines is run by a reliable and dedicated team who does everything they can to get you the maximum financial value of your points and miles. 

Our team is well-qualified in training and tests for providing the most professional service to our clients.


Our management team is well-aware of everything that happens in the company, from the smallest to the most crucial details, and is involved in the daily activities.


Our company operates worldwide with full transparency and trust from customers all around the world.


Swed Airlines strives to improve, be more effective and reinvent the company’s area activity in a mission to bring the service we provide to the next level. 


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